FAQs (Regarding buying test series)

  1. Q)What is Gold Test Pack?

    A)Gold is meant for test papers attended last year which resulted 26% success rate. This is our signature test pack of 5 question papers.

  2. Q)What do I get?

    A)You get real time test like preparation with our Online MCQ Tests and you get notes and updates.

  3. Q)Why no Quant, Logical and English?

    A)There are enough resources online and offline for these categories plus we do not specialize in these. Still from time to time we will provide tips.

  4. Q)I didnt get username and password!

    A)Is 48hours over? If not than wait, otherwise send us a mail at teamkrishigyan@gmail.com (we will take action)

  5. Q)Will these questions come in test?

    A)We dont know. Our test series should be considered as a meter to check preparation level. Our last year achievers performed well in the test series too.

  6. Q)Can I share my notes with others?

    A)Please do not share notes with anyone. We own the copyright and we give it to you just for personal use.

  7. Q)What is PayUMoney?

    A)PayUMoney is our Payment partner. You need to visit PayUMoney to make the purchase from us. To know more visit this link.

  8. Q)How do I make payment?

    A) Visit this link: https://www.payumoney.com/webfronts/#/index/Krishigyan and follow the process. You might need to login/register to Payumoney.

  9. Q)Is there any pattern change in IBPS SO AFO VI?

    A)There has been now specific report on IBPS website. All thats known to be changed is the marking scheme. This must not effect your confidence. You still need to do Quant,Logical,English and Professional Knowledge. So better focus on that and nothing else will matter.

  10. Q)After how much interval we will deliver the tests?

    A)Tests are available all at once. You can attend them when you want to attend.